Aranjamente florale nunta | Despre Andreea Banita
Andreea Banita, atelier de creatia floral haute couture, cursuri flori
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Welcome to my virtual studio, my creative corner and my visual journal!


This is my sanctuary, a place to gather and to share……my experiences, my work, the places and things that inspires me, rise my vibration, and make me dream.


I love to arrange flowers, to style food and to capture it, to bring my style into interiors and to tailor events.


I take my inspiration from the greatness of nature and also from the various places I visit. I seek for beauty and I can’t live without it!


I adore imperfection which add naturalness, I consider that less is more and harder ALWAYS, I pay attention to details and to the vibration of  things.


I am determined to live my life at the fullest, that is why I do believe that doing what you like, living in harmony, eating quality food, sharing moments with the right people and experience quality moments can lead to this.

So, be welcomed to my imperfect, perfect place!

Live Kindly, In Style, Passionately!